ABOUT Rome4u guided tours

Ciao, and welcome to Rome4u

Rome4u was born in 2009 thanks to the collaboration of a number of professionally trained and licensed tour guides, tour leaders, and NCC drivers. All of us have in common good communication abilities, sense of humour, warm personalities, and a generous desire to share our love for Rome with you. We are proud to have gained our licences after having undertaken an intense period of studying, courses and exams.

Rome4u specializes in affordable-high-quality private walking tours, bicycle tours, and car tours of Rome and its environs. We provide the luxury and exclusivity of a first class vacation at a reasonable price.

Rome4u caters to solo travellers, couples and small groups (6 people max). For no additional costs we can design upon request, customized itineraries, to create the ideal Rome vacation package to suit your individual needs (e.g. tours accessible for travellers with reduced mobility, including wheelchair users). Our private tours include just you, your family, friends or small group.

Rome4u is committed to the vision of eco-friendly-ethical tourism and supports the local economy in an attempt to redress the balance, reducing the negative aspects of tourism, while increasing the positive. Our eco-friendly routes have been planned to minimise CO2 emissions. We will mainly walk, cycle or travel by public transport, wherever and whenever practical.

Rome4u honours the Travelocity Guarantee and Customer Bill of Rights, which makes you, the traveller, our top priority.

Rome4u will help you explore and experience Rome in a new way.
Rome4u collaborates with private landlords that manage fully furnished self catering apartments in central Rome, that can be booked through us at a very competitive price.

Roma4u also collaborates with a number of travel agents who operate in other Italian regions: just browse through our “web banners”, placed at the end of each page. 

Here at Rome4u, we really like what we do and that shows in our tours.

We pride ourselves on providing you with a superior and individual service focused on one-to-one interaction.

We strive to bring Rome alive for you without imposing. We move at your pace, and would be more than willing to change itinerary on your request.

We are fuelled by a passion to constantly improve our services and accessibility; you can rely on us to deliver the best deals on guided tours and superior customer service.

As we take you into the authentic reality of this timeless city, you will see places you would normally never find on your own, coming across Rome unusual character. You will have a chance to taste the pleasure of living in this unique city, appreciating its local traditions and mythology, making your trip to Rome an unforgettable and mystical experience!

 Benefits of going on a private guided tour

Yes, a private tour guide may cost more than joining an organized package tour, however:
  • Our private tours aim to provide you, your family and friends with a unique, superior and individual service that will focus on one-to-one interaction. No use of headsets and microphones. Moving at your group’s pace. We are more than willing to change itinerary on your request.
  • A private tours will enable you to maximize your time in Rome, avoiding getting lost while trying to interpret maps, guide books or asking for directions. You don’t need to worry about anything except experiencing Roma!
  • Our eco-friendly routes have been planned to minimise CO2 emissions. We will mainly walk, cycle or travel by public transport, wherever and whenever practical.
  • Much can be seen and appreciated during a private tour, savouring not only the traditional highlights of Rome but a backstage view of traditional daily roman life.
  • During your private tour we will also point out historic and contemporary design shops, elegant boutiques, characteristic cafes, mouth-watering Italian “gelaterie” (ice cream shops) and delicious restaurants specialised in traditional Roman food and wine.
Planning a trip to Rome?
Send us your travel inquiries, itinerary and comments on rome4utour@gmail.com
Or contact us on: Tel: +39 3383435907 (ask for Valerie Dolce)